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‘Chaotic Madness’ by Cheryl Russell

I walked at a rapid pace, eager to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. I hated it so much I chose to commute instead of living in London. I was currently on a major shopping street where I needed to stop off to buy something for my nephew’s birthday. I had made the purchase and now hurried to the station to catch the train home. At least it was the end of the week so I wouldn’t have to come in over the weekend.

My home was in the suburbs of a town. I was so close to the town but still in the countryside. I loved the wide open fields and all the trees. I enjoyed walking up to the top of a hill and looking out at the vast expanse of green before me. It was so peaceful, I would often take a picnic with me.

No, I wasn’t going to miss the city at all. Too much pushing and shoving along the crowded streets full of people. Shoppers and workers all jostling together, in a hurry to get where they were going. Someone bumped right into me and didn’t even bother to apologise, he just carried on his way as if I was invisible. Shops too, were full of people impatient and looking at their watches, wanting to finish their purchases and get on their way. The traffic on the roads was always at a standstill, and the exhaust fumes filled the air with a smokey smell. The sound of sirens in the distance always made me anxious as the busy roads made it nearly impossible for emergency vehicles to get through.

The train was full as usual. People standing, unable to find a seat. No one even stood up to allow the heavily pregnant woman next to me sit down. She was obviously struggling if the grimaces she was making were anything to go by. No one cared, and actively avoided looking at her. It was just the typical selfishness of others wanting to take the weight off their feet after a busy day going about their business.

At last the train reached my stop and stepping out I took a big breath in desperately wanting the fresh air in my lungs instead of the acrid smoke filling my lungs all day. I breathed in and out slowly, enjoying the luxury of much-needed air.

I made my way home, shutting the door with a sigh of relief. The peace and tranquility washed over me once again. Two days away from the madness of London was bliss.

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