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‘Fond Farewell’ by Brad Thaxton

I have only this to say and tell before I bid you a fond farewell.

Soon free from the pain that was my past, eternal peace from my life at last!

I make no mention of beyond today, for now it’s time to pass away

While the chosen carry on, keeping the memories which in time will be gone.

So little love on all the earth, I cannot reason what it’s worth

To live a long resourceless life, without assurance or a wife.

Encircled by fears which strive at night, even through the fire of light

No longer shall I endlessly fight the demons that pursue me.

Empty hours that fill a space, marks feelings of mixed disgrace

Allowing destiny to walk in, so that the end can soon begin.

Another gone in early spring, when he accepted he never meant a thing.

Sorrow lost to know no more, only soft, cool silence beneath the floor

Do not question, for now I am free, from all the torment that was me.

Copyright 2016 by Brad Thaxton. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.