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‘In Early Evening Lost’ by Andrew Bradford

The Diplomat stands and speaks with such terse violence

That the testimony of the lotus is forgotten in only fragementary seconds

Inside the room where they stand and wait is very boisterous, very


Words came from her mouth in an icy rasp and she did say:

Now we shall all worship at the altar of the morbid bizarre insult which carries the day

What did they look like, the man in blue wanted eagerly to know

Left us leaping around the room like kangaroos on speed

Friday night at Allentown’s they serve the very needy low-dime drinks

Always wanted to be a real live human, the gas truck driver mused

Minutes later he did lead the whole damn parade

So I sez to the guy standin’ in the door,

I sez, They’re all insane, ya know? Nods around the room

Short walk around the hospital to clear my head did not take

Iron shutters fly up like silk curtains of gray and silver

Aztec priest readies knife

Steady, boy…ever so steady

Last handful of the night so better make it last, babe.

 Copyright 2015 by Andrew Bradford. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.