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‘Late At Night’ by Brad Thaxton

When the silence blends with the darkness

And the wind stands still for the moon–

That’s when it’s late at night,

And the whole universe is in tune.

When the stars start to sparkle and glitter

Like a new coin reflecting light–

That’s when all troubles fade away,

In the peacefulness, late at night .

Many times I’ve stood alone in a courtyard

And stared up at heaven and space–

Wondering where it all began ,

While the blackness poured down on my face.

The mystery of all creation

Lies hidden in the sky–

As I look upon the glory,

Of a comet flying by.

Such a special time for dreaming

A dazzling vision in my sight–

That’s when my soul is safe and sound,

In the calmness, late at night.

Copyright 2016 by Brad Thaxton. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.