‘Black Girl Magic’ by C. Imani Williams

 Last year’s Halloween Party

Fed my spirit and heart

The Ancestors must have convened on our behalf

For he approached majestically

All 6’ 5” of Him

Dressed in Black and white

Inquiring if I’d like a drink

Said he, liked my costume (A tribute to Angela Davis

Complete with a Glorious Fro and Earrings In her honor)

His eyes stayed on my glass of cranberry juice with a twist of lime

Ensuring it was refilled

With a quickness

On my third refill, I accepted his invitation to lunch

Said he wanted to get to know me better

He found me intriguing

“No, rush. Queen, whenever your schedule allows, I’ll make time.”

His follow up game on point I learned much about his tender


Over text messages and through phone conversations

When we met for lunch on a Sunny Saturday two weeks later

I listened to the Man

Leaning in and enjoying the energy of the

Beautifully Melanated bartender, artist, and activist

As he shared stories

Taking breaks to ask for my


He’s extra like me, In a good way

I too was intrigued

He’s beautiful, his smile lights up my World

We’ve been dating exclusively for 8 months

During which time I’ve dropped layers of self for him to peruse

Through poems and prose that speak to my unique Halloween gift

Of He and Him and Falling In Love

Our Artist Vibe Be Strong

He unwraps my layers one at a time with precision and care

Earning my love and trust

On a daily


Where the Magic of our Black Revolutionary Love

And shared deep Ink


Copyright 2019 by C. Imani Williams. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

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