‘Dead Language Central Holding Office’ by Andrew Bradford

If we all happened to see what we cannot see each and every day

On the whole it was never understood how much she loved to see the waters

I fear that man for his grin; looks like a hyena with extensive dental work

Along the way to get to Germany, we stopped and paid a visit to some city you have never seen

Who will move the one who cannot stand still long enough to breathe?

Do you–I say do you–do you think we can comprehend all this sensory lavishness?

The forces of the old far new have gained the upper hand and we must alert all

He entered the room in silence and came to believe he had never left it before

Life has become better; Life has become alive; Life has begun to live

This news is best delivered in a whisper so all will strain to hear the syllables

They read the newspaper slowly, burning the pages as they went

So the story goes so they all say so it must be

Around the same time each night, they would howl like wolves until they dissipated

His friends are still asking him, still inquiring:

When will you perfect each letter in each word?

Copyright 2015 by Andrew Bradford. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

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