‘Sister Sister’ by Olumide Oluwasegun

Growing up, you held my hand
You gazed longingly at your pride
She mirrors your person you are sure
She reminds you of you at her age
“Don’t fall down!” you say to her
You want to keep her protected
It’s easy to lose track of oneself
When selflessness becomes the theme

“I care so much” you say to me
Not words I know, but I see them still
I never understood some those times
When you told me; “No! Don’t go that way”
It was easy to believe you did not care
As a little girl I was after my treat
As I grow more and more I know of a truth
That your love for me is quite unmatched.

A friend indeed you are to me.
Moreso a Sister, my very own.
Sometimes I may act as though I don’t care
Indeed deep in my heart, I know I do.
You’ve been my guide, I am blessed indeed
I see now the lessons you wanted me to learn
And I’m glad I listened enough to learn
Words may fail me to capture all
But I’m glad I have you in my life
Awesome sister and my friend
I love you more than you can rend
Discovery comes when one misses a step and
I found indeed you are God-sent.

I celebrate you sister and friend
For love and comfort, and for joy
I am glad I listened all those times
To your words that build indeed I chose.
Thank you for being on my side
When I fall more times than I could count
I may not be able to put them all into words
But my love for you is unrivaled.

Super you, blessing to all
Holding my hand since I was little
I doff my heart to the one I know
Who makes being a sister a joy to behold.

Copyright 2015 by Olumide Oluwasegun. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

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