‘A Lonely Walk’ by Olumide Oluwasegun

In times and a time, the value of life
I lived on an isle south of France
With nobles and royals all around
Behind a drawbridge lived my life
Candles and chandeliers light the night
From curtains and drapes spring forth light
Rays from the sun to warm my face
The glow of the moon when it’s pitch black

I long for a time when I’ll run around
Free of the drawbridge with glee and delight
Galloping on horseback meant for princes
Travel the world of Castles and Churches
Run in the fields of parsley and sage
Eat food garnished with rosemary and thyme
I’d love to do all these in time
But perhaps they are musings; musings just blind.

Copyright 2015 by Olumide Oluwasegun. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

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