’21st Century Ulysses’ by Andrew Bradford

Valuing himself not at all worthy to travel the distance seen in dreams

He considers leaving his wife who is racked with typhus

Even money says the ship will sink if a man so much as moves an inch

When does it seem likely we shall come upon the house which holds the keys?

Let him alone, they hissed, he is just back from a long journey to the other worlds unknown

It’s a beautiful language, and there was at time when I knew it well

Before I was a boy, long back when I was but a still-forming babe

She took me to see the blessed fireworks

Oh what times we had, Mr. Bloom. Oh the joy in such simple pleasures

With barreltone voice he does proclaim,

Sea, wind, leaves, thunder, and the arc of a fireball rising in yonder dirty sky

The blonde-haired lady who appeared in his bed was more than just a siren come to lure him away

You have taken the full advantage of me, she said blankly

Shall I put a rose in my hair and enchant you, she began to ask

Let us consider the constellations and navigate the stars

Take a long drink from this hookah and see the universe unfold before us

What of redemption, did ask the good minister

What of the next life and then next and the one after that to be

Oh so lightly, he was told as he began to descend into reverie

Would you gently touch me where my third eye does reside, she asked

Yes I said yes I will Yes

Copyright 2016 by Andrew Bradford. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.



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