‘Intent And Emptiness’ by Andrew Bradford

Passion alone was not much

Yes, we longed to know more than could be known about that which is unknowable

How we clung to the drops as they were scooped up and shot forth

Leaving us warm warm warm inside but so cold when we would so much as smile

In my opinion, the death is very much suspect, despite the note

Dreamed a few minutes last night and saw my life moved forward 10,000 years

Nothing had changed


Not a damn thing

So I do hereby declare and prepare to change it all so radically you will never suspect

That I ever existed in my current form

Safe journey, old friend, may you travel at lightspeed

Until you are spat out upon the surface of some distant moon

I believe everything and nothing now, have learned to be a skeptic

What a cursed place, God it did stink of death

No, it was not death, it was worse, it was


Settle in, darling, settle quietly into the charms

As I warm the metal once more and pull the nectar into the pipe

Close your eyes and tell me when you finally see

The other side of what was once a perfect soul

Cold, cold, like the coldest of ice

Then we float, then we fly, then we will transcend

Then we will achieve

All that is promised by the Holy Book of Nothingness

First verse reads:

This is the last of the day, this is the last of it all

Huzzah and goodbye

Copyright 2016 by Andrew Bradford. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

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