‘Manufactured Assent’ by Andrew Bradford

So you heard the delicate melody and wondered if it could be real

Better than the love of a false and cruel one who leaves at first light

I was once in the shadow of a faded cloudy day that never relented

They set a watchman upon the distant hill, and he often would cry out

If we might pursue more surely, might believe in the confidence of the false

They may one day write a book of your life, so what would you want it to read?

Fragments, scattered gibberish, smiles, tears, delusions, aching

Had it been truer, it might have been lilies on the outside, a rose deep within

Sits the king on his highest throne, silent in his judgments

We were all much happier before we gave our approval to being subjected

All in the name of safety, security, another sunrise or two

Standing here all those years later, do you feel more secure

Or merely more entombed?

Copyright 2016 by Andrew Bradford. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.


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