‘Uphill’ by Cheryl Russell

Her whole body tensed up, she could feel the anxiety rising, nausea rose in her throat making her feel as if she was being strangled. Could she really do this? Everyone else believed in her but she had her doubts. No choice, it had to be done or she would feel a failure forever. She was sweating despite temperatures being sub zero, anxiety again. She had to do this to prove to herself she was perfectly capable. She would never forgive herself if she couldn’t. The sky was blue and the sun shone brightly, dazzling the brilliant whiteness of the snow. She had on sunglasses to protect herself from the glare that leapt up at her. Her skis were on and she was ready. She glanced with great trepidation where she was supposed to ski. She was terrified, as she noticed it seemed to be a sheer drop down, no gentle slope for her. She wished herself anywhere else but where she was. What made her come back year after year for she only tortured herself? She traversed the slope but as she tried to make the turn anxiety tore at her again, she couldn’t do it, sitting down she turned herself around ready to go back across the slope. Standing up again she made her slow way across. It was pointed out to her that she not only wasn’t any lower down the slope but in actual fact had been skiing uphill. Not bad, she thought, at least she would remember this incident. Every one else skied downhill but as usual she had to be different and ski uphill! Well it was an achievement of sorts if not the usual type. She refused to see it as a negative thing, it had to be positive. Everyone else raced past at high speed while she made her very slow way down the same way as she started, sitting to turn round as she was so sure she would lose control and have a nasty fall. She had been told she had plenty of restraint it was just confidence she lacked but she wasn’t sure about that. Maybe skiing wasn’t really her thing, she acknowledged, but she loved the snow covered mountains and the freezing temperatures. It looked so beautiful and undisturbed. How could anyone not love this. She loved mountains at any time of year. In the summer they would be a lush green, vibrant and alive. Right at the highest peak snow could still be found. She sighed, what a privilege to be in these captivating surroundings. She continued skiing, eventually reaching the bottom and ready for a drink.

Copyright 2016 by Cheryl Russell. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

2 thoughts on “‘Uphill’ by Cheryl Russell

  1. Well done Cheryl Russell I thoroughly enjoyed reading it now I want to know more so do please let us have a sequel.
    Good luck
    Eddie Barry

  2. You write beautifully Cheryl – very fluent and descriptive. The ending was quite sudden – I thought it could have done with a description of how she felt going down the mountain, and afterwards having succeeded at doing the thing that had scared her. I hope you keep writing – I’ll be interested to read more. Well done!

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