‘So Late At Last So Long’ by Jerrold Bray Miller

It was a decent living at one time, a nice way to make a stay

Even though it led to the mindless compulsion to wander off

I’ve often been called restless, suppose I cannot refuse a mystery

Life lived as a zigzagging and futile attempt to replicate a cherished home

Only the late evening wailing can ever return me to my right mind

She was here once, was once a visitor who stayed beyond her appointed leisure

Some moments pass through us like poison winds, leave us scarred beyond reason

Come out to the other side, they call

Come join us in a moment of calm

Turned and looked to see who beckoned me

Only to find the dead brown leaves of fall

And lachrymose reminders of a day left in a dark past

Copyright 2016 by Jerrold Bray Miller. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.

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