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‘Amsterdam’ by Andrew Bradford

Heart still beating from the insanity of the frenzied moment,

I drove faster still until I could no longer breathe

He clears the books and papers from the bed, dreamily watching

as she motions for him to move closer

Dibs on the last patient for the day, the old man proclaimed as he drank

All too suddenly it was Thursday again, we faced our deadline

Joking of our youthful humiliations at the hands of the cruelest crop yet spawned

Each exchange with the pipe a floating, dissolving vapor of purest pungency

Hangover lasted all weekend because I abjectly refused to return to that place

Perhaps we will just sit here all evening and drink ourselves beyond all help

Voices crying out in pain, chattering in torrid fleshly rantings

We agreed to travel back a few years if we finally found time for ourselves

Suppose there should be some reminder that we passed this way

Before the minutes end and we are left dangling in terror

The schedule is due, they are calling for it now

One last inhale as we cross from night to darkest dawn

Then out the door and past the sleepy canals

Good to see you here, my friend; little did I know you still cared

Nodding gently, he assured me,

Not all of us are gone. Not all of us are

Vanishing as the liquid fills our lives


We learn

to float

Copyright 2016 by Andrew Bradford. All rights belong to the author and material may not be copied without the author’s express permission.