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‘You Always Hurt The One You Love’ by Andrew Bradford

Sure, I suppose it was overly harsh, but how many times do you have to say something before another person gets the clue? It’s all become too much and way too soon, so better to get out now before it all gets completely fucked up beyond recognition.

I don’t consider myself to be a cruel person. Far from it. I mean, I cry when I see ASPCA and Humane Society commercials on TV. And it’s not just because I think animals are more noble and better than any of us humans could ever aspire to be. But at some point you have to be clear: It’s time for this to end. It’s been time for months now.

No doubt you’ll say I have a fear of commitment because I’m 35 and still not married, but that has nothing to do with anything the least bit relevant. I once lived with a woman for nearly two years. That’s what you call commitment! But as it always does, the hourglass ran out on us and it was the right point for calling it quits. Why keep trying to unbreak what’s broken? Is that what life is supposed to be about? unhappiness? I’ll pass on that and find another, better situation.

I’m not proud of what I had to say to make her understand. I hate having to be confrontational, but did you ever notice how some people are just too dense to take the hints, even when you’re dropping them by the hundreds?

It’s for the best. That much I’m certain about. Life is way to short to wallow in misery. I’d rather die alone than be unhappy. That’s a form of commitment, too: Commitment to not being miserable. And I’ll take that.

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